Welcome to Regression2018’s documentation!

This is for final project in the course Multi-Variables Statistical Analysis (多元统计分析) by Prof. Huang (黄志洪), in SYSU (中山大学).

Team mates:

  • Xu Xiao Cong (许晓淙)
  • Zheng Le Wen (郑乐文)
  • Qin An Qi (秦安琪)
  • Yin Qian (殷倩)
  • Ding Yi Hao (丁一昊)

We are all undergraduate students in SYSU, major in applied math and statistics.

According to instructions from Prof. Huang, we decided that fulfilling the task in this competition on Kaggle as our project goal. You can check for further details in the link.

In this project, we are given information about passengers on the Titanic ship, including sex, age, class etc. For training set, we are told which passengers survived the catastrophe in 1912 when the ship sank in the North Atlantic Ocean after colliding with an iceberg. Then, we need to compute the survival probability of somebody in the test set with knowledge of his/her infos, and predict (or guess) if s/he lived eventually.

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